Mobile Repeater - A solution to boost weak signal

A Mobile signal repeater is a device used for boosting the mobile phone reception by the use of three units: a reception antenna, a signal amplifier, and an internal rebroadcast antenna. It can be used in one building because of its small size. Modern mobile repeater amplifiers ‘repeat’ or to be more exact rebroadcast mobile signal in the designated area. It usually uses an external antenna to collect and transmits the signal to an amplifier unit which strengthens the signal and re-transmits it locally.

Only the mobile network operators are licensed to use equipment that transmits in these bands. To install or use a repeater device, it’s necessary to claim license otherwise it is considered as a criminal offense under Section 8 of the WT Act. Any person found guilty of installing or using such devices without a license would be liable on conviction to a fine of up to £5000 and/or up to 51 weeks’ imprisonment (Six months in Scotland and Northern Ireland).”


Cel-Fi is another way of boosting your mobile phone signal and it is totally legal. “In the UK the use of any radio transmitting device is required to be either licensed or specifically exempted from licensing under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 (WT Act 2006). For mobile telephones, the use of the spectrum by the network operators is licensed to cover the use of transmitters and repeaters, while user devices (i.e. Handsets) are covered by a general exemption.” advises anyone interested in improving coverage in a particular area to contact their network provider.

Ofcom follows certain rules:

1.    The boosters must not interfere with other networks.

2.    The boosters remain within the license conditions of the mobile network, which they boost – this means that the mobile network must be able to control them (turn them on and off) and the boosters must automatically configure themselves so as to never cause harm to the network.

Some products may claim to meet (1) but no product other than Cel-Fi can meet (2). Incidentally, you may not have been aware, but all Cel-Fi RS2 devices sold in the UK can be turned off by the network if they set certain parameters to be sent over the air.